Village Meeting Sat 6th May 2017 – Camera System for Neighbourhood Watch

VILLAGE MEETING on Proposed Road Movement Recording

There have been several recent unsolved burglaries in our village.  A number of responses have been suggested by villagers and by our Packington Neighbourhood Watch (PNW) team.

As one response which would A) Deter, and B) Help solve, further events, PNW proposes to provide our Police Service with a CCTV facility to use cameras to record road movement to and from our village, and to store the camera records for immediate police use.

The PNW proposal will enable prompt and almost-free provision of a system.  It has been prepared by PNW and approved unanimously at the meeting of our PNW Street Representatives on 13th April 2017.

PNW now seeks YOUR views, if you live in our village.  NOTE: This meeting is for village residents ONLY.

The full proposal will be presented for discussion at a VILLAGE MEETING on Saturday 6th May 2017,  at 10 am, in our Memorial Hall

Please come and help shape the future of crime prevention in our village.  There will be opportunity for discussion, and for YOUR thoughts on other possible responses to recent events.