PCG – Packington Communications Group

PCG runs this Packington village website

and publishes our bi-monthly village magazine:

by Packington People, for Packington People

Packington Post Advertising Rates

We use two columns, each 75 mm wide. Advertising blocks may be 50, 75, or 100mm tall within one column.

Size in 75mm column Price – 1 issue Price – 6 issues Discount for 6 issues
50 mm
£ 20 £ 100 £20
75 mm
£ 30 £ 150 £30
100 mm
£ 40 £ 200 £40

Volunteerproduced and delivered free of charge during the second or third week in January, March, May, July, September and November, to 401+ village homes

– delivered FREE to village homes
Copies available to purchase from Daybreak Services £1.50
Next edition Issue 120: latest copy by Wednesday 10th May 2023
– but please * * send your copy earlier if possible rather than at last minute..
for publication: Friday 19th May 2023
distribution: weekend 20th/21st May

* * It helps if you can format your article ready for our typesetting – we use

  • Arial 12pt Regular, in Word / Write or similar word-processor
  • 2 columns
  • A picture is worth a thousand words
  • dates-  Day Day-number month year, as Thursday 11th May 2025 to avoid day/month confusion
  • times as 12-hour clock, colon separator, 3:00pm but 12 noon
  • Contact details at foot of article – Name: Number then email underneath name
  • phone numbers parsed with spaces as BT give them 06789 123456 or 01530 123456
  • Thank You! 

Please send your copy, plus of course, any photographsto editor@packington.info

Communications Group Members: January 2023 on

Name Tel position email
Amy Powell
Packington Post  Editor
 contact Editor
Mike Coke Editor Emeritus 2015 – 2022
Christine Hammond
Treasurer & Advertising
Rebecca Taylor Welcome Pack
Martin Tidman Editorial Team: Distribution
 Stephen Plummer  412963

Email Alerts

founding Editor 

2003 – August 2011

 contact Stephen  
Robert Dilworth 411673  Web and Media Facilitator ** contact Robert

Do you have information on Packington which is not on this website? TELL US! by email to editor@packington.info or please contact any member of the Communications Group.

Can you join the group? YES! We need your help!

Please get in touch – we would love to hear from you

We normally meet to plan & edit the Packington Post, with regular bi-monthly editorial meetings / calls / emails between the team members.

** What is a Web and Media Facilitator? Robert can help you to put news, your own, or group information, directly onto this Packington Post website,  or onto our PPost Facebook Page or Twitter feed, without any intermediary. It takes about an hour to learn how – contact Robert by email