Postal Facilities 2021

They closed  our village Post  Office in March 2008. They eventually gave us back our pillar box..

Stamps are available from Daybreak Services on High Street, and that Post Box is at the front of the Memorial Hall on High Street. 

The last collection is 5.15pm weekdays and 11.45 am Saturday – see photos

 A full Post Office Service is available from Ashby de la Zouch, in the Mercury News Shop at the bottom of Market Street. Multiple counters are provided

You can’t park outside this Post Office due to the Pedestrian crossing right by it.

The bus stop, however, is just a few yards away.

Ashby Sorting Office

On the opposite North side of Market Street, by the bus-stops, is the shabby facade of the Royal Mail sorting office, which used to be the old Post Office. It isn’t any longer a Post Office, but is a Post Box

This is also where you collect the packets they tried to deliver at home when you were out…

The sorting office still has letter-box collections, later than anywhere else in the district.

At  Measham, the Post Office is also in the “News Shop”, halfway down the High Street, by the zebra crossing opposite Tesco Express.  You can’t park outside it because of this crossing. However, there is a FREE car park behind the building, from which you can walk through to this PO.

Don’t be confused by the out-of-date signs shown in the window saying they close at 5pm! They don’t!

Instead, they are open in Measham from 9am – 5:30pm weekdays, 9am-12:30pm Saturdays, see notice:

There is often only the one PO counter open in this shop, which can lead to grossly unacceptable waiting times. If you go to Measham by the hourly bus, and find yourself behind a business guy mailing 37 recorded-delivery parcels, which requires the clerk to type in 37 separate addresses for her receipts, don’t expect to be able to catch the next bus back home.