Parish Council Election 2nd May 2019 – Robert Martin

Firstly may I introduce myself. My name is Robert Martin, I live at 20 Ashby Road, have lived in Packington for 52 years, married to Jean, we have two sons, Richard and Edward.
I have served for 12 years on the Parish Council and would like to serve the village for a further term to help provide key services for the village and the interests of the local community and look after and improve facilities in our Parish. Parish Councils are an essential part of the structure of local democracy.
I am retired having previously worked in housing management for the North West Leicestershire District Council for 32 years. In addition I was a member of the Council’s Emergency Planning Committee which dealt with emergencies in the community 24 hours.
I was chairman of the North West Leicestershire Homeless Project, a registered charity formed in 1989, based at the Marlene Reid Centre which assisted homeless people in North West Leicestershire to secure appropriate accommodation. This project was a valued and much needed service within the community. The project had to close after 25 years.
For many years I have been a member of the well organised Packington Neighbourhood Watch committed to crime and anti-social behaviour prevention.
There are several issues for the village such as speeding, street lighting and footpaths but the next years will be very important for our village. The proposed construction of HS2, if it goes ahead, and the amount of disruption cannot be pictured.
If HS2 goes ahead one of the major issues will be the closure of Ashby Road which HS2 are proposing to close for 19 months. All the village rely on doctors, chemists and schools in Ashby. Limiting the impact of HS2 construction work on residents not just from a highway perspective but on a wider context from a public health and education point of view is vital and we need to be involved in the process. We have a very much appreciated Residents Action Group which are working hard for the best interests of the village.
The Parish Council should actively encourage impact from residents on what the community needs. We make decisions on behalf of the people in the Parish. Residents can bring to the attention of the Parish Council anything that concerns them. We should be the first place you can go to with concerns or ideas.
Being an effective Parish Councillor requires both commitment and hard work and I offer my services for another term.
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