Packington Village Crime Awareness seminar 7 pm Thursday 7th November 2019

You are invited to three short talks on crime awareness and deterrence. Thursday 7 November 2019 – 7 pm
at Packington Primary School

Learn from Police and Bank experts. The talks will focus on:

home security & safety

social media, phone and text scams
banking fraud, common scams


7:00 Wes Ewing, Packington Neighbourhood

Introduction & Update
7:10 Tony Gallagher, NW Leicestershire Police
Keeping yourself safe in your home;
measures you can take, and how to report
7:20 Samantha Hancock, NW Leicestershire
– Cybercrime
Computer use and social media, phone and
text scams, how to report scams
8:00 Santander Bank
The rise of bank fraud; most common
scams, how to protect yourself and what are
your rights
8:30 Q&A
9:00 Close