Neighbourhood watch Volunteers required – Packington needs YOU

Neighbourhood Watch logoNew Representatives are needed. A strong Neighbourhood Watch scheme leads to a safer and friendlier village

The major aim of  Neighbourhood and Home Watch is to bring neighbours together; this builds strong, friendly, active communities, in which crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely.

We want a caring society, focused on trust and respect, in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life. Neighbourhood Watch (NW) helps make sure that no one has to feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live. It helps people look out for each other, crossing barriers of age, race and class to benefit everyone.

The Packington NW scheme has not been as proactive as we would like. There are stalwarts who have tried to support the scheme, but it needs a larger focused group for it to be successful. On Wednesday this week we held the first meeting of the NW Re-launch. We heard that some who have given good NW support now have commitments that don’t allow them to continue.

Look at this list of current NW Representatives, and a list of areas not represented:

Name Address Tel No. E mail NWC Area
Stephen Flook 2 Mill Street 415185 Mill Street down to the Mill.
Wesley Ewing 53 Mill street 411899 Mill street beyond the Mill
Michael Coke 23 The Grange 560430 The Grange
Robert Martin 20 Ashby Road 413030 Ashby Road
Nigel Smith 8 Normanton Rd 416055 Top of Normanton Rd
Katherine Pilbro 49 High St 413695 High St
Lisa Mayles 43, Normanton Rd 412367 Bottom of Normanton Rd
NWC Required Spring Lane
Peter Last 4. Heather Lane 415129 Heather Lane
NWC Required Babelake St
NWC Required Nethercroft Drive
NWC Required Homecroft Drive
David Oakley 8, Hall Lane 563409 Hall Lane


NWC_Stephen-Flook_Dec13If you live in one of these areas, can you help? This should not be a time-consuming or unenjoyable experience. The success of this scheme is dependent on the effort and enthusiasm we as villagers put in to it, and will lead to a safer and friendlier community.

Please give me your support – please email me, or call me on 01530 415185

Stephen Flook

Packington NW Co-ordinator