All change AGAIN at the Bull & Lion?

Packington email alert no. 166 – All change AGAIN at the Bull & Lion!


Mandy and her family were surprised to get short notice that Marstons the brewery had signed the tenancy of the Bull & Lion over to new tenants with effect from tomorrow 9th December 2013!

Mandy and her team had made significant improvements not only to the decor but to the food and service and ambience within the Pub.

They left on Friday and will be missed by all those that had frequented the pub in recent weeks on many occasions– some after long absences.

The business and patronage had risen rapidly in the short time (approx 3 months) they were there, and villagers were getting used to having a pub with friendly faces and a warm welcome.

Over this weekend it is being overseen by a temporary manager although it is understood that the staff are the same and business is as usual.

At Packington Post, we will try and keep you updated with developments as they become clearer.