There’s a Vacancy – Could YOU be our new Parish Councillor ?

Casual Vacancy – there is likely to be an election

In Packington Post out this week, there is a resignation statement from one of our 6 Parish Councillors, reproduced below.  This gives our village an opportunity to elect a new councillor to serve on our Parish Council.

Could this be YOU?

The 6-member council controls a tax-precept budget of £25,000, plus grants from a solar farm fund, and two village charities. Planning applications for the village are first scrutinised by the parish councillors. The council employs a clerk, meets once a month on the first Tuesday, and holds an Annual meeting.

YOU might fill the vacancy if 10 electors call for an election, before Thursday 7th June, which we understand to be likely.  If not, the parish council can co-opt an elector to serve with them, and that could be YOU as well, if you make your wish known.

It could be valuable for someone new to sit on our Parish Council, perhaps to bring a fresh viewpoint to this important body. How do YOU feel?

You can learn more about our Parish Council on their website (alas, old technology, expensive, too, but may not display well or at all on your phone). Below is the official notice of Vacancy.

Interested?  You can contact  Mrs Karen Edwards, Clerk to the Parish Council, as below: