PVHG Packington Village History Group – General Meeting Tuesday 30th January 2018

Our History is taking place NOW – Join us to help record it ! Annual General Meeting at 7:30pm Tuesday 30th January – Come and help steer Packington’s History Group Forward!

Packington Village History Group (PVHG) invites you to an Open Meeting,  its Annual General Meeting, to discuss its forthcoming activities, and to encourage you to join us as a new member.

PVHG is re-launching itself, to record the history of the coming years of our village, as well as to continue safeguarding our past history, and perhaps to indulge in history in general. 

PLEASE come to our Village Meeting at the Memorial Hall Meeting Room (“Venue 35”) on Tuesday 30th January 2018 at 7:30pm, to be part of, and to help plan for, these important tasks. The Agenda will include a short, formal AGM:

  • Welcome and apologies for absence
  • Minutes of meeting held on 1st February 2017
  • Acting Chairman’s report on the year 2017
  • Treasurer’s report for the year 2017
  • Election of officers for 2018:
    • Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee members
  • Setting of membership fee for 2018
  • Any other business:
    • Priorities for 2018;  and
    • Dates of meetings 2018
    • discussion of PVHG’s future use of information technology.

Please bring YOUR ideas, on exploiting our village history into the next century, so that perhaps in the year 2118 Packington City-dwellers may see how far-sighted we were.. You can contact: Robin Boucher, Acting Chair, on 411638.

Meanwhile,  some village facts you may not have heard yet, from PVHG records.

1)  Did you know that “Mill Street” used to be called “Babelake Street”? See the map, above

2)  Did you know our pub was called “The Bull’s Head and Lion” ?Ditto!

3)  Did you know we used to have a Baptist Church?  Where was it? See the map above!