New HS2 route – Closer, far more Noise for Packington ?

HS2 re-route to avoid Measham looks worse for Packington

HS2 have published a consultation for a re-route nearer to Packington:

  • New route avoids Measham to the East, now comes closer to Packington
  • To cross the Sewage Farm on embankment, instead of in a cutting beyond the five-ways junction
  • Line elevation seems increased, bringing far more noise. Most of the route near us was to be in cuttings or level; now most of the adjacent track is to be exposed and elevated.

This is a Consultation. We can all respond, by 9th March 2017. Give your input here:

Download the full new route details here:

Here’s an outline map, then detail maps of new (2016) and old (2013) routes with vertical profiles: