Duck Races – Major Excitement on Bank Holiday Evening !

Bank Holiday Monday – 30th August 2021 – saw intense excitement at the annual Packington Duck Race, when the coulmn of leading ducks stalled at the last ten metres of Gilwiskaw Brook – slowed, then reversed by a strong breeze from the South!

Duck Steward Chris Miles had been following the leaders, and using his microphone to inform the large audience of excited children – and excited adults too – of the running order of duck numbers, but the sudden reversal caused astonishment.

Eventually a winning coterie of several huddled-together ducks crossed the finish line, and thus the Winning Numbers in Race One were: 133, then 140, third 25.

The second race saw similar heart-stopping changes in duck-leadership, with the eventual result: winner 213, then 247, third 191.