Another planning application for houses in Packington to the rear of 53 Normanton Road. Planning Ref 14/00109/OUT

This new application has just gone in for 4 large houses in land to the rear of 53 Normanton Road. Planning Ref 14/00109/OUT The entrance for this is again at that lower end of Normanton Road.

This is only for 4 houses, however this is on the fields that connect up to the chicken farm, and could open the way for the 180 house on these fields which has been rumoured.

The other applications already in the system are:-

Ref. 13/00959/OUTM at Spring Lane/Normanton road junction  – 49 houses

Ref. 13/01002/OUTM  at Normanton Road/Heather Lane Junundction for outline planning for 35 houses

Details can be seen at  and tick the box and enter  the ref. number at the appropriate prompt.

The amount of applications going in is of concern leading to a potential cumulative negative impact if they are all viewed in isolation, and once one, however small, gets the go ahead, it may set a precedence for others to follow.

This favourable window of opportunity has been provided to developers because NWLDC have not had their Core Strategy for Housing in the area finalised and adopted

All the sites will eventually drain into the stream that runs through the culvert at the junction of Normanton Road/Heather Lane and Spring Lane with inevitable impact on flooding in that area from increased run off. This brook runs into the Gilwiskaw at the rear of Babelake Street and it regularly floods fields in that vicinity.