Aldi Ashby 20 – Road race through Packington Sunday 18 March 2018 – Road Closures

The Aldi “Ashby 20“, a 20-mile road running race organised by our local Ivanhoe Runners, will be held on Sunday 18th March 2018, starting at 10am. About 1,500 runners will take part, and there are road closures for safety, for a likely maximum period from about 8am to about 3pm, but possibly until 5pm.

Full information is on the Ashby 20 website here:

Runners come from Ashby at 10 am, go down Mill Street by 10:20, then do two anti-clockwise laps of the roughly-circular loop course shown on the map below. The anti-clockwise left side of all roads of the loop are CLOSED during the race. Roads are open in the opposite clockwise direction. In Heather village, traffic may flow alternately in both directions using Stop / Go boards.

At the Bull & Lion, an ideal viewing point,  on their second lap the runners turn up High Street, Packington and on to their finish at Ashby. The first runner will do this before noon.

There is a full schedule of Road Closure details in the table below the map:Ashby 20 road map
Ashby 20 table of road closures